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Novamarine builds luxury custom tender up to 24 meters and professional boats like no other. A global icon renowned for its “RIBs” with unique features, result of experimentation, innovation, technology and artisanal mastery. With its history now stretching back over 30 years, Novamarine is no longer a RIB – 90% of Novamarine products are manufactured in foam and no longer with traditional air-inflated tubes – and it is not even a boat or a vessel. So what is it a Novamarine? It is easy to say: a NOVAMARINE is… a Novamarine. Because it cannot be defined in a class, being a stand-alone and modern product with no competitors alike, the only way it can be referred to or classified is by its own name, the same name that has become Internationally recognizable.


All Novamarine crafts are indeed entirely hand-made by highly skilled shipwrights inside SNO facilities located in Olbia featuring state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, but still cherishing that artisanal touch that comes out from every single detail. Every aspect of a Novamarine makes it different from any other product available on the market: design, hand-made construction, top-class materials used, stability, safety, reliability and the customisation possibilities. That’s because when a product is hand manufactured, everything can be tailor-made according to the owner’s expectations. Everything begins with Novamarine Design Team that artfully designs the crafts down to the smallest detail, thanks to the experience gained in almost 40 years of work during which Novamarine has supplied boats to eminent organisations throughout the globe. These projects are then delivered to the Construction Team and finally translated into crafts featuring an innovative design and outstanding performances and which have been awarded with important certificates, such as RINAMIL, just to mention one. After that, teams of electrician installers, mechanics, carpenters, metal workers and other technicians of each departments of the factory cooperate side by side and manufacture all elements that, once assembled, make a Novamarine.
Most components are built in-house by expert artisans who give shape to steel, wood, rubber and the other materials to give birth to bespoke pieces that cannot be found ready on the shelf on the market and that identify Novamarine crafts. Novamarine tubes are particularly noteworthy as they are built in a special foam that allows optimal modelling and, unlike traditional air-inflated tubes, cannot be pierced or deflated. Their special D-section does not encumber interior spaces, thus granting an incomparable liveability on board. Thanks to its shallow draft a Novamarine allows to reach almost the shore and places you would never think of, full of rocks and of wonderful marine vegetation. Its impeccable and unmatched seakeeping, stability and unparalleled safety on board allow a safe navigation, regardless of the sea conditions.

Research &

Innovation has become increasingly important, and even more important in an ever-growing market. We devote great attention to the smallest details, to the construction techniques used and to the choice of materials to make our products the most competitive on the market. Our products and construction processes are strongly characterized by innovation, excellence and productive efficiency, result of relentless research. Our professionals continuously experiment new construction methods in order to produce vessels that are, from the very first design, a representation of cutting-edge engineering, while retaining their “handmade” characteristics. The water lines of the hull ensure stability at any speed. The tubes, with a semi-circular shape and made in a special closed-cell foam that cannot be pierced and does not deflate, allow to build hulls with higher topsides, enhancing safety and liveability, as they allow for greater interior spaces. The teak, stainless-steel parts and fabrics used are of top-quality and built to last through time. Record performances, maneuverability and unique quality are just a few of the features that make this product one-of-a-kind. This is precisely the reason why a Novamarine cannot be compared to any other product on the market. A Novamarine is simply a Novamarine.