Born from a pure, almost idealised love, this is a project where a new product is used as a means to navigate through the emotions of a new philosophy.
It is only by discovering the true passion that emerges in the creative process and by leaving behind economic interests, that products with such excellent technical contents and artisan manufacture can be made. This happens through the curation of only fundamental, concrete and substantial contents, choosing propulsions, shapes and materials that are able to respond to different predetermined purposes.

The philosophy of our products, constantly renewed in their shapes and contents, collects the interests of all those who fall in love with our philosophy and are able to identify its fulfilling uniqueness, discovering the special relationship to the sea that only a NOVAMARINE can offer.
The choice of a vehicle that is able to shape one’s desires, leading to a more intimate dimension, calls for NOVAMARINE and creates a unique bond.
A more intimate, sensual, liberating relationship, but pulsating and dominating over the sea at the same time, moves one’s limits and transgressions to fulfil a dream.
Comparing NOVAMARINE to any other nautical vehicle is simply impossible. What makes a NOVAMARINE in each owner is a constant combustion of indescribable emotions. In each person different emotions arise, but what brings them all together is the unrestrainable attraction to try it and the absolute love after having done so.