Novamarine: an international icon in the nautical world.

Welcome to Novamarine, the leader in the innovation of “RHIBs.” With an ambitious vision and a pure passion for boating, we create vessels that combine elegance, functionality, and respect for the sea. Our strength lies in pragmatic innovation: the vessel is designed with advanced technologies to guarantee excellent performance. We aim for excellence in all areas, combining precision and style in every project. We firmly believe in our products and our team, building trust and delivering superior quality. Novamarine is the best choice for a boating experience that exceeds all expectations.

A Novamarine is not just a vessel, it is a Novamarine.

Black Shiver Line


More space, more RHIB, more safety, more accessories, more content, more style. The Novamarine BS offers countless features that make it unique. Years of research and development have allowed us to perfect techniques, materials, and solutions to guarantee unparalleled performance. The BS line by Novamarine, iconic in the tender market, satisfies every customer need, offering the ideal means to experience unique moments at sea with style and comfort.


We Were History, Now The Future

Novamarine has revolutionised the nautical market with the winning combination of fibreglass hulls and tubular, establishing itself in civilian and military sectors. Our research and development have opened up new opportunities, turning dreams into reality. Today, we continue to set new benchmarks with a focus on simplicity and elegance. Novamarine’s craftsmanship brings to life a vessel that transports the owner into a dream of freedom.


Extreme Performance In Total Safety

Novamarine’s HD Line offers a unique experience, combining military precision with the pleasure of civilian navigation. Adapted for civilian use with minimal but effective modifications, this vessel delivers intense emotions and a new dimension to navigation. Designed for extreme missions, it excels in stability, draft, turning, and safety, regardless of weather and marine conditions. Our extensive experience in creating special vessels is now available to those who wish to experience the unique thrill of a Novamarine.