It’s Novamarine

Novamarine was born from a pure and idealized love for a project that sees our creations not as simple fashionable objects but as vessels to navigate emotions, embodying an innovative philosophy. It is thanks to this authentic passion, which transcends economic logic, that we create products with excellent technical methods and unique artisan manufacturing. Each Novamarine is designed with meticulous attention to meet the highest level of quality and smallest details, choosing propulsion systems, shapes, and materials that respond to all needs.

The philosophy behind our boats captures the interest of those who fall in love with our approach and recognize its uniqueness. Novamarine offers a relationship with the sea that goes beyond navigation: it is an intimate and liberating bond, where dreams take shape, creating an experience that pushes one’s limits. Describing a Novamarine as just any other boat is impossible. Each Novamarine is a continuous source of emotions, providing every client with a combination of indescribable sensations. Everyone’s experiences are unique, but what unites them is the irresistible attraction of trying and the profound love that develops after experiencing them.