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Where Ideas Take Shape


Entering Novamarine’s headquarters means immersing yourself with overwhelming energy, where motivation, dedication, and creativity come together in a unique project. Here, craftsmanship, innovative materials, and cutting-edge technologies merge to deliver fascinating creations dedicated to clients and the sea. Only those who fall deeply in love with the project remain, becoming an integral part of the Novamarine team. Located in direct contact with the sea of Sardinia, our headquarters embody the indissoluble union between sea and vessel, making production fluid and in perfect harmony with the marine environment. In this heavenly environment, theory and practice unite to create vessels that respect and dominate the sea.


Every individual at Novamarine contributes with focus and passion, transforming each project into a unique creation. Equipment and skills come together to bring the Novamarine magic to life. The satisfaction of seeing your creation take shape and live through customer experiences is immense. The emotion of the first start-up and the sea test motivates and satisfies the entire team, making each vessel not just a machine, but an entity of roaring and pulsating passion.