Novamarine: an international icon in the nautical world.

Pure, ambitious, arrogant, with no prejudice and preconceived mindset, elastic, pragmatic, professional, enlightened, philosophical and commercial. Creative, elegant, respectful, constructive, organisational and forward-thinking. Polite, elegant, convincing, motivated, rational and concrete. Once these parameters are confirmed, it becomes a NOVAMARINE project.
With these fundamental rules the market is approached to gain the trust of those who put their expectations in our hands.

Black Shiver LINE

More space, more raft, more safety, more accessories, more contents, more style. The features we can associate to our BS vehicle are infinite. From the energies, ideas and skills of our team, today we have exciting responses, unique in content and style thanks to the adoption of new technologies and the contribution of our precious artisans.


Hulls of fiberglass and tubular: this is the combination that has distinguished and asserted its peculiar qualities in the boat market, establishing itself both in civil and military sectors. The unique responses of safety and seaworthiness marry with the unmistakable style of NOVAMARINE vehicles, creating a simple yet functional and elegant object.


The HD line is the sportiest and most dynamic of the range. The Novamarine HD line offers great manoeuvrability, perfect stability and total safety, with aggressive lines, comfortable and completely customizable spaces. All these features make the HD line boats one-of-a-kind.