The story of Novamarine began in 1983, in a shipyard on the mesmerizing coast of Olbia. Initially its production involved removable inflatable boats with wooden keels and traditional air-inflated tubular structures.


An innovative technique emerged in the beginning of 1985 which transformed a traditional hull made of rubberized fabric, into a hull made entirely of V.T.R., thus outlined new horizons for both the dinghy and company itself, which began to create new expectations for this vehicle in the nautical market. During that time the range of crafts measured from 260 to 430 cm.


Since 1987, the company ventured in its first projects geared towards support vessels and vehicles in the professional market. The increase in interest took off when prominent initiatives such as THE DESTRIERO and AZZURRA PROJECTS highlighted the exceptional characteristics of Novamarine vehicles. The company refined its skills and went as far as producing about 600 boats per year. Most yachts used the vessels as their tenders.


In the first half of the 90’s, a new jet tender product emerged. Novamarine channelled its energies and launched this revolutionary product into the market initiating new talks about the practical and technical build demands of yachts which were required by the yacht owners.
Nearly all yacht builders were committed to and sustained the use of its innovative qualities. They began to design and build their own mega yachts with a dedicated space to embrace this new product. What pushed Novamarine to refine its projects, study new solutions, adopt diesel and petrol engines, was in fact the perfect harmony entailed among yachts and their tenders. The company’s production was determined by the interest shown in the market, and continued to focus its energy primarily on these means. A vast number of sizes ranging from 320 cm to 430 cm were produced, while the rest of the production varied from 7 to 10 meters. The combination of NOVAMARINE AND TENDER became indissoluble during these exact years.

1992 – 1994

From 1992 to 1994 the demand and interest for boating products significantly decreased due to the challenging economical conditions.
Nonetheless, this period of time allowed us to invest and focus our energies on the research and development of these state-of-the-art products which created new and enhanced horizons.

Second half of the 1990s

What gave us the possibility to go beyond our limits with new projects and design, was the time we had to study and refine our expertise. All of which led to a concept that a tubular could not only be filled with air, but rather filled with an elastic foam.

The greatest ideas and experiences came together, enhancing and enriching Novamarine’s path with new resources in research and development: a new department dedicated entirely to the studies of new products, which continued to combine the primary principles of this unique vessel as a single nautical means.

The second half of the 90s gave life to the idea of solid tubulars, while also taking on larger sizes intended for recreational and professional use.

The nautical market embraced the notorious Novamarine vessel as an object of representation in the yachting field; nearly all major worldwide figures, leaders, top economists and entrepreneurs acquired a Novamarine.

Professionally, Novamarine’s vessels exhibited qualities that went beyond comparison, and created an interest for all employed at sea.

Special Operations Forces included all the departments, without distinction, such as defense, direct attack, and surveillance, all of whom wanted to acquire the craft as a means of carrying out a diverse range of missions.

A new abundance of ideas and expertise in the nautical field created new opportunities for the company itself and the entire market, and also gave new incentives to the economy, as had the tender jets prior to this creation.

Early 2000s

The following years were spent refining specific projects, studying increasingly important measures in order to make the craft a more efficient and safer vehicle, and aiming to get as close as possible to the user’s demands. Novamarine’s goal was to push expectations far beyond the limit, and created its own market that stood apart from other competitors.

It’s first impressive slogan was: THE ONLY MUTUAL ELEMENT WITH OTHERS IS THE AIR and when the filled tubulars were launched, NO MUTUAL ELEMENT WITH OTHERS, NOT EVEN THE AIR.


In 2013 the Novamarine brand was acquired by the SNO Group, who had been operational in the nautical field for years, and gave the Novamarine brand that extra spark.

This historical transition marked a fresh start and an energetic and motivational comeback simultaneously, that exceeded the expectations of a unique and inimitable product, conquering all obstacles and limits.

The more experience the team gained, the stronger they became and began to create increasingly ambitious projects such as the BS 220 and the BS 140. Not to mention the professional vehicles as well, given the recaptured interest from the military.


Over the next few years, two new models were added to the range: the BS 100 OB/IOB and the BS 120 OB/IOB. The military was also supplied immediately with 20 Novamarines (12 meters) upon the request of the Qatari Coast Guard.

Novamarine was dedicated to the design, structure and build of dream vehicles, and committed to organize a company that oriented itself increasingly towards the ability of management, means, equipment and spaces. All of which certify the maximum quality guaranteed. Novamarine was then able to earn the market’s trust with certifications of unique value for smaller size boats, thanks to this important milestone.
The range was enriched to a greater extent by larger sizes such as the BS 160 OB and IOB. In the meantime, products with highly selective certifications were built in order to supply the military with vehicles that had measurements such as the 850.


The year 2020 was also the time when the RH line with traditional tubes was relaunched in the market. That choice instilled the same emotion of those who, after having made history in the nautical market all over the world, were able to reintroduce that emotion to an audience that during this 40-year journey had been supported. Offering a multitude of products with the most disparate shapes and characteristics.
Novamarine had no hesitations and re-entered the market with the new RH 800 and the new RH 1000. The absolute novelty of these models is that they are NOVAMARINE RUBBER DINGHY’s and nothing else.


In 2021 a new BS 140 EGO model was released “for a precise market niche” with practical and aesthetic contents: a synthesis of elements, elegance, sportiness, and a reconfirmation of the unparalleled NOVAMARINE style.