Novamarine was founded in Olbia in 1983. Initially it produced removable inflatable boats with wooden keels and traditional air-inflated tubular structures.


Starting from 1985, the innovative technique emerged, transforming the traditional hull, which was originally made of rubberized fabric, into a hull entirely in V. T. R., thus outlining new horizons both for the dinghy and for the company that begins to create new expectations for this vehicle in the nautical market. In recent years, the measurements have ranged from 260 to 430 cm.


Since 1987 the company has been engaging in the first projects relating to boats and vehicles for professional markets. Having highlighted the exceptional characteristics of the Novamarine vehicle through prominent initiatives such as the DESTRIERO or AZZURRA projects, the growth in interest in these products takes off.
The company refines its skills and goes so far as to produce about 600 boats a year. Most yachts use it as a tender.


In the first half of the 90s, Novamarine channelled its energies in the market by launching an innovative product that opens up new relationships between the functional, technical and constructive needs of yachts and the requirements of their owners. The new tender jet product is born.
Its innovative qualities allow it to be adopted by almost all yacht builders who, marrying or undergoing its use, begin to design and build their own mega yachts with spaces suitable for the adoption of this new product.
The perfect symbiosis between the needs of yachts and their tenders push Novamarine to refine its projects to study new solutions and adopt both diesel and petrol engines.
The interest of the market will condition the company’s production to focus its energies primarily on these means. A greater number of sizes range between 320 and 430 cm, spending the remaining production in sizes ranging between 7 and 10 meters.
It is precisely in these years that the NOVAMARINE AND TENDER binomial becomes indissoluble.

1992 – 1994

The years between 1992 and 1994 were difficult for any economy, thus paralysingall interest in boating and significantly reducing the demand for the product. These years on the other hand allowed us to focus our energies on research and the development of new products to create new horizons.

Second half of the 1990s

In the second half of the 90s, filled with new ideas, the concept of ​​a tubular no longer inflated with air but filled with an elastic foam is added to our refined knowledge, and this gives the possibility to move the limits of study and design forward.

During this period the best ideas and experiences come together and bring Novamarine to enhance its path and enrich it with new resources in the research and development area: a new department entirely dedicated to the study of new products always remains linked to the fundamental principles of the dinghy as a unique nautical vehicle.

In this second half of the 90s, the idea of ​​a solid tubular takes shape even in the larger sizes intended for both pleasure and professional use.

The market begins to adopt the now famous  Novamarine vessel as a representative object in the field of yachting; almost all leading figures worldwide, entrepreneurs, exponents of the economy and rulers possess a  Novamarine.

In the professional field Novamarine shows the incomparable qualities of these vehicles and creates an interest for all the shapes employed on the sea.

The supplies concern the special forces employed in defence and attack, as well as the bodies engaged in surveillance; everyone, without distinction, will want to adopt the dinghy as a means of carrying out professional tasks.

Even in the professional sphere, a new wealth of ideas and knowledge on the market will create new opportunities for the company itself and for the entire market, giving new stimuli to the economy just as the previous experience in the creation of tender jets.

Early 2000s

The following years will be spent refining specific projects, studying increasingly important measures and making the dinghy a more efficient and safer vehicle, ever closer to the user’s needs.
Novamarine’s goal is to move expectations far beyond, to create its own market that nothing shares with competitors. Hence the first impactful slogan: IN COMMON WITH THE OTHERS ONLY THE AIR and, when the full tubulars were released, IN COMMON WITH THE OTHERS NOT EVEN THE AIR.


In 2013 the SNO group, present in the nautical field for years, acquired the Novamarine brand giving it new important energies.
This historical passage marked a zero point and at the same time a restart with a guidance full of energy and motivation to overcome obstacles and limits and thus reach the expectations of a unique and inimitable product.
The team, strengthened by its experience, begins to create increasingly ambitious projects such as the BS 220 and BS 140 also combined with professional vehicles thanks to the renewed military interest.


In the following two years, the range of models offered in the civil field is enriched by two other models, the BS 100 fb and efb and the BS 120 fb and efb. In the military field, on the other hand, we immediately start with the supply of 20 Novamarine (12 meters) to the Qatari coast guard.
In recent years, Novamarine is committed to structuring, designing and building dream vehicles, but at the same time it is dedicated to organizing a company that is increasingly oriented towards being able to make use of organization, means, equipment and spaces, which certify and give maximum guarantee quality. Thanks to this important step, Novamarine is able to obtain the trust of the market with certifications of unique value for boats of small size.
The range is further enriched by the larger sizes such as the BS 160 fb and efb. The supply of military vehicles continues with the construction of products with highly selective certifications for measures such as 850.


The year 2020will also be the time when the RH line with traditional tubulars will be re-launched on the market.
The decision carries the emotion and the weight of those who, after having written the history of this market for the whole world, come back to an audience that has been supported throughout this 40-year journey by offering a multitude of products with the most disparate shapes and characteristics.
Novamarine has no doubts and re-enters the market with the new RH 800 and the new RH 1000. The absolute novelty of these products is being a NOVAMARINE RUBBER DINGHY and nothing else.


In 2021 the range of BS is enriched with the release of a new model “for a particular market niche” with functional and aesthetic contents, the 140 EGO: a synthesis of contents, elegance, sportiness, reconfirmation of the unparalleled NOVAMARINE style.