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When entering the operational spaces of the company you feel an overwhelming emotion, released by a strong energy.
Motivation, attachment, skills and ideas are fused.
It is part of a single project that combines craftsmanship with new materials and technologies, fascinating ideas and commitment to both the customer and the product.
A natural selection is created: only those who fall in love with the project remain and are part of the Novamarine team.
Brand new structures that were created in contact with the sea make everything fluid and pleasant.
Sea and vehicle, vehicle and sea, cannot ignore each other, as they are piloted by the desire of those who create the demand.
There are many requirements and many answers, but there is always one thing in common: not being able to divide the two, sea and vehicle, vehicle and sea.
We could not think of anything else other than merging the two elements and placing all Novamarine productions on the sea.
The idea took tangible form as the Novamarine house was built in the Sardinian sea to respond to a genetic requirement.
It is here that theory and practice meet by finding themselves in a heavenly but highly selective environment.
Only a total respect and care for the sea can create objects made for the sea.


The entire company is made up of individuals and pours concentration and love to make each project unique, giving it life and making it incomparable.
The equipment transforms everyone’s skills into creativity, love for one’s work, the Novamarine magic.
The satisfaction that comes from seeing one’s creation observed and experienced by those who made the existence of it possible is enormous. The excitement of the first set up and trial on the sea brings great satisfaction and motivation for the whole team.