Technical office

We are always ready for confrontation, for the scrutiny of the most selective rules and for the strongest criticism.

Ideas and projects are constantly tested and destined to respond to various needs with great confidence only after passing hard criticism.
Only in this way, leading ideas have been the past, the present and we will try to make them become those of the future, with the utmost commitment.
Our customer’s trust and love for every single vehicle create a bond that only those who love their work can understand and convey in what they create.

A vessel with unique performances and features is nothing but a Novamarine,
It is a fascinating vehicle, stylistically designed to fit your needs: it is Your Novamarine. The absolute craftmanship of the product, the professionality and techniques that are available render each item a symbol of the style and character of its owner; Here, experience, innovation and technique are merged in a design that aims to fulfil each wish, desire and lifestyle. The result of this synergy is ‘’MY NOVAMARINE’’.

Stability, balance and comfort in all sea conditions, These are the qualities present in each Novamarine project. The ability to transform something that is technologically complex into an extremely simple, natural and intuitive thing is what makes our vessels the ideal travel companion for shipowners of all experiences. Safety and simplicity are clearly the result of a design that balances volume, structure, propulsion, weight and performance with great wisdom, allowing the owner to enjoy every moment.

Excellent performances and unique features are at the service of the owner with extremely simple and intuitive control. An innovative technological system, designed and embedded within an integrated system of domotic, responds with information regarding vessel, navigation and entertainment, available both on instrument panel and smartphone. This technology allows the owner to handle all settings on board in an optimised way and with absolute security and simplicity, without ever having to sacrifice information and leisure.

Navigation quality, stability and security of the ‘’dinghy’’ vehicle are developed with innovative design proposals that render the vessel extremely safe and high performing: it is an object that deserves to be admired. In a Novamarine linee, shape and performance are merged to create a unique vehicle with an elegant simplicity, where nothing is purely a décor and everything has a precise function and utility.